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 Apartment Property Condition Assessment

Apartment Building Inspection and Property Condition Assessment is a comprehensive inspection and assessment that conforms to ASTM E-2018-15 Property Condition Assessment standard which is the national standard for apartment building building inspection and assessment.

Apartment Building Inspection and Property Condition Assessment  includes site and building inspection and property condition assessment.  Investigation includes site inspection, building inspection, document review, interview of knowledgeable persons, research and review by Property Condition Assessment Professional and more to determine current property condition and need for immediate, near-term and long-term repair, replacement and upgrades including cost estimates.

ASTM E-2018-15 Property Condition Assessment is the national standard for pre-purchase inspection and assessment of high-rise apartments, low-rise apartments, garden apartments and townhouses and urban mixed use buildings.

A typical due diligence package for apartment property may consist of Apartment Building Inspection and Property Condition Assessment plus Phase 1 Environmental Assessment, or in some cases the lower cost Environmental Records Search & Risk Assessment. Call (585) 738-5080 to know which environmental assessment is right for your site.

USA Due Diligence Services is a single-source apartment due diligence services provider and performs Apartment Building Inspection and Property Condition Assessment as a stand-alone service and also together with Phase 1 Environmental Assessment as a discounted service package price for your lowest cost for the combination of services.

Apartment Building Inspection and Property Condition Assessment assists owners and buyers in purchase decisions and negotiation, understanding operation and maintenance requirements and life cycle and also forecasts short-term cost estimates and estimated replacement reserves expressed as dollars per year, dollars per apartment and dollars per apartment per year which also helps provide confidence to prospective investors and lenders.

The scope of inspection needed and specific areas to be inspected are based on various factors.  Age, occupancy, construction type, climate ad more are considered and incorporated into a property-specific apartment building inspection and apartment property and site condition assessment protocol.

Apartment Building Inspection and Apartment Property Condition Assessment protocol includes:

Site Characteristics (paving, landscaping and utilities)
Structural Frame
Building Envelope
Doors and Windows
Roof Surfaces
Mechanical and Electrical Systems
Plumbing Systems
Heating Systems
Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems
Vertical Transportation
Life Safety/Fire Protection
Accessibility Issues
Interior Elements
Asbestos Survey
Lead Survey
Pest Survey
Document Review
Opinions of Probable Costs

Whether you're a local, regional or national investor, lender, attorney, broker, buyer, seller, developer or property manager, USA Due Diligence Services is the only national due diligence provider to guarantee you will always be served by the same principal-consultant who is responsible and accountable for every facet of your project and always accessible to you by email and cell phone when inspecting your property, preparing reports in our office or traveling back and forth. 

If you have a single apartment building or complex or hundreds you get predictable quality and consistent reporting from an owner of our firm who makes the effort to know your needs and preferences and strives to customize your reports to meet your expectations every time.

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Apartment News from BIZNOW

July 2017

Fitness centers are still a must-have in any apartment community, according to the National Apartment Association. They are the most upgraded community-wide amenity since 2014, and J Turner Research found that 46% of tenants are willing to pay a premium for centers with classes. Installation costs can thus be conveyed to residents in the form of higher rents and quickly recouped. The inclusion of well-designed centers can foster tenant interaction and cohesion, making them a property manager’s weapon of choice in today’s amenity wars. The fitness center has transformed dramatically over the decades, and an obsolete space can be a serious detriment to an apartment complex’s appeal.

Read the whole story at BIZNET



We also offer Phase 1 Environmental Assessment and

                      Low Cost Environmental Records Search & Risk Assessment


If you own or manage one or multiple properties...

Apartment Building Inspection / Facilities Condition Assessment

Apartment Building Facilities Condition Assessment includes inspection of all building structure, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, roofing, interior and exterior finishes, etc.  It includes estimates of necessary and recommended repairs and can include a Capital Reserves Table of annual budget amounts to cover required and recommended repairs, replacement, upgrades over the next 7 - 10 years of ownership, and these amounts are adjusted for inflation.

Your USA Due Diligence Services principal-consultant works with you to understand your objectives and resources.  Your assessment is specific to your property class and whether you plan to reposition the property in the marketplace.

Cost of repairs, replacement and upgrades vary based on whether you have in-house skilled staff or depend on outside contractors.  Because your consultant has extensive experience in architecture, engineering and new, renovation and restoration construction, and if you prefer to rely on in-house staff, he can often recommend alternative and innovative products and installation methods for excellent results at the lowest possible cost.

The PCA Field Observer/PCA Reviewer is a Facilities Condition Assessment professional with university degrees in architecture and engineering, post-university training and regular continuing education plus over 31 years experience in architecture, engineering, apartment building inspection, apartment property condition assessment, apartment facilities condition assessment and apartment building and site environmental assessment.

We carry $1,000,000.00 professional liability insurance.  Our clients are building and real estate owners, sellers, brokers, buyers, investors, developers, property managers, municipalities, attorneys, HUD, FHA, SBA and banks and other lenders who regularly require apartment property condition assessment, apartment facilities condition assessment and apartment environmental assessment prior to purchase, sale, financing or refinancing.

Note: USA Due Diligence Services never uses subcontractors or junior staff.  Every facet of your apartment building inspection and apartment property condition assessment is completed by a principal of the firm who is directly responsible and accountable to you for every phase of your project from order to inspection to assessment to report delivery, and you always have direct access to your principal-consultant by email or cell phone.

USA Due Diligence Services is the only national consultant to guarantee you will always be served locally, regionally and nationally by the same principal-consultant who is fully responsible and accountable for every facet of your project and always accessible to you whether on site inspecting your property, preparing reports in our office or traveling between locations.

You can always rely on a quality work product by a competent, university educated and well trained (including frequent continuing education) professional with over 31 years apartment and townhouse building inspection and property condition assessment experience and an excellent record of service.


Information and advice from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

At an industry event in Scottsdale, Arizona, a representative from Freddie Mac spoke about efforts to fund multi-family property deals in the face of tight credit conditions. Although Freddie Mac is issuing loans only under tightened standards, it and Fannie Mae are the most active lenders closing multifamily loans. The Freddie Mac representative referred to the "Dark Age of Lending" in 2006 and early 2007, when “most any deal would work." Since then, lenders have significantly tightened their underwriting across the board to thoroughly understand environmental risk before extending credit.

Asked to provide some suggestions for due diligence reports, the Freddie Mac representative advises that you should select a professional who will provide true "consulting" including giving recommendations to clients, lenders and attorneys along with advice for how to manage any environmental risks.  At Due Diligence Inspection & Assessment Services we make the effort to know the ultimate user of the due diligence report and understand their needs and requirements.

Due Diligence Inspection & Assessment Services understands that the needs of borrowers, lenders and attorneys may vary and we incorporate the needs of all parties into a single comprehensive report, and whenever necessary we go above and beyond that to provide additional specific recommendations and advice separately to borrowers and attorneys.  We'll do whatever it takes to expedite loan approval and completion of the purchase and sale transaction.


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Phase 1 Environmental Assessment

The federal government recognizes the environmental risk that is inherent in every property transaction.  Even if a property has never had an environmentally sensitive use on it, there is a virtual certainty that some property within ¼ mile, ½ mile or farther away had, has or will have an environmental incident, and there is a possibility that contamination including vapors from that site can travel underground to yours.

Most real estate investors and lenders require Phase I Environmental Assessment as a condition of loan approval. Hidden environmental contamination can render a property useless and the potentially high cost of environmental cleanup and personal and property injury claims can be financially devastating.

Since the enactment of the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) in 1980, the commercial real estate industry has had to deal with the harsh reality that a current owner and/or operator of a contaminated property could be held responsible for cleanup of the contaminated property regardless of whether the owner or operator knew of or caused the contamination.

Congress enacted the Superfund and Reauthorization Act (SARA) amendments to CERCLA in 1986 to provide liability protection to innocent landowners who unwittingly purchased contaminated property. Real estate purchasers can now be insulated from liability by one or more of the provisions of the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act.  CERCLA offers the following protections:

Bona Fide Purchaser Liability Protection
Innocent Landowner Liability Protection
Contiguous Property Owner Liability Protection

To apply for any of these protections should it ever become necessary to do so, applicant must have performed Phase 1 Environmental Assessment that meets the standard of All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) prior to purchase of industrial, commercial, residential or institutional real estate.

Increasingly Vapor Encroachment Screening is a required component of AAI. We perform Phase I Environmental Assessment according to best industry practice and in conformance with ASTM E-5705 Standard Practice for Environmental Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process including All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) and Environmental Lien Search, and if vapor encroachment condition is detected or suspected on the subject property site or any nearby site we automatically include Vapor Encroachment Screening and at no additional cost.

If contamination not directly caused by a property owner or tenant is ever discovered in the future the federal government will attempt to locate the responsible party or assume responsibility for cleanup costs as authorized by the Superfund and Reauthorization Act.

As early as 2008 some applications for liability protections supported by Phase I Assessment but without Vapor Encroachment Screening have been denied on the basis that the property ownerknew or should have known that a vapor intrusion condition existed or was likely to exist on the subject property. In those cases the then current owner was held to be financially liable for mitigation of the vapor intrusion condition.
Remediation costs often were hundreds of thousands of dollars. In your best interest Due Diligence Inspection Assessment Services includes Phase 1 Environmental Assessment and wherever a vapor encroachment condition is detected or suspected Vapor Encroachment Screening is automatically included at no additional cost.

Our Phase 1 Environmental Assessment together with Vapor Encroachment Screening in conformance with ASTM E-2600-10 Standard Guide for Vapor Encroachment Screening on Property Involved in Real Estate Transactions meets or exceeds the accepted standard for due diligence and qualifies the user to apply for the innocent landowner defense (42 U.S.C. §§9601(35) and contiguous property owner liability protection (42 U.S.C. §9607(q)) should it ever be necessary to do so.

Together Property Condition Assessment, Phase 1 Environmental Assessment, Vapor Encroachment Screening are a complete pre-purchase, pre-lease and end of lease due diligence package for commercial, industrial, residential and institutional property.

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USA Due Diligence Services
Over 31 years of prompt, professional service

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Architects, engineers, builders and inspectors look at buildings in slightly different ways.  Drawing on his university degrees, industry training and over 31 years experience in all four disciplines Edward Devine developed a unique inspection and assessment protocol that considers property condition from all four perspectives.

We offer the best value in due diligence services.  Cost is always an important consideration but never the only consideration. We leverage all our experience, continually upgrade our skills and use the latest technologies to deliver the best service at the lowest cost.

USA Due Diligence Services offers Property Condition Assessment, Commercial Building Inspection, Industrial Building Inspection, Facility Condition Assessment, Phase 1 Environmental Assessment and Vapor Encroachment Survey. Discounts apply when you order 2 or more services on 1 property and when you order 1 or more services on 2 or more properties.

30 years of service to owner occupants, investors, attorneys, insurance companies, banks and other lenders, landlords, tenants, facilities directors, property managers, architects, engineers, retailers, municipalities and other governmental units and entities. How can we serve you?

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USA Due Diligence Services
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Service to every large and small city and town across the USA including:

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and in your city, town or borough too!

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Services to all New York counties:

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